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The wines of the east coast have the following label of quality: Alicante, Valencia, Jumilla, Utiel-Requena and Yecla, which cover quite different wines.
Those from Alicante are reds and rosés with a high alcohol content of between 12 and 16%.
Those from Valencia are usually white, dry and very fresh.
The Jumilla wines (Murcia area) are easy to distinguish because they are aged in oak barrels.
In both cases the alcohol content is very high, and they are dark red and thick.
Yecla has reds and rosés with between 13 and 15% alcohol and a very pleasant mild taste.

Wine Route. Enjoy Wine Tourism in Alicante; let yourself be captivated by its viticulture richness through accommodation surrounded by landscapes of vineyards, visits to wineries and tastings of wines with identity; try our traditional menus and avant­-garde wine combinations at some of the most long-­established restaurants, and of course walk around its labyrinthine old towns and natural settings which will relate its history.

Know the history of its wineries, along with the whole process of wine-making, from the grape harvest to the final stage of bottling.

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